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Stackable and Interlockable

An internet magpie nest made of shiny things curated by a caw-ing bird.
Apr 19 '14



Someone needs to tone down the sass.
I’m in love with Heather Penn’s Girl & Plant characters.

Later that day:

Apr 14 '14



Bueno, esta es mi versión del championsona, nos hemos metido al tag y la verdad es que en compañía se disfrutan más las cosas. No me apetece escribir la misma cosa dos veces así que…

It’s my turn to introduce my championsona! Yeah, I really love Natu & Xatu designs and I play pokemon since I was a child, so I couldn’t resist to participate on this. 

If you don’t know what is this about, the idea comes from oxboxer and consists on draw yourself (I hate this part…) as the pokemon champion. Hell yeah. 

My pals takitakos, rhunnasketch, ntamarit, sempereman & holasoyanabel have/will do it to, check this: 

MssTakiusa & MssAbanel.



Apr 12 '14



Coffee porn.     (Cinemagraphs and gifs from this cool article.)

AKA Sean Bonner porn.

Apr 5 '14

a puddle adventure


a puddle adventure

Apr 4 '14


A truly unstoppable force.

Apr 3 '14


Roasted broccoli bowls / Recipe

Mar 29 '14


Grands Jardins Residence, Quebec, Canada by Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architectes | via

The Grands-Jardins home is located in the Charlevoix region, specifically in Petite-Rivière-St-François, close to the Massif ski station. It sits on the mountainside on a rocky wooded site overlooking the St. Lawrence River. One of the major challenges of the project was to position the house so as to optimize the privacy and the views offered by the site. The home is built parallel to the street and at a slight angle so as to look out over the south and the river. From the inside, you feel you are in a ship’s cabin. As the house is located on a deep slope, passersby can see the top level from the street, while on the river side, three above-ground levels elegantly rise to reveal a façade interconnected by a play of angles and glass.

This contemporary home stands out with its bold, vertiginous form. While the house is well anchored in the rock, the volume of white wood seems to lift from the ground as the lower level is set off by a series of large cement pilings. A wooden walkway connects the home to the parking area and gives an even more aerial look to the structure. The upper level seems to take flight with its galleries projecting into empty space. Without doubt the culminating point of the project is the immense overhanging living room that literally projects and opens onto the slopes of the Massif. These formal feats are achieved through the use of a steel structure; the client wanted to see this structure, mainly the bracings that frame the landscape.

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Mar 22 '14


Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to turn to a life of crime. Probably the same.

Mar 21 '14


Casa C, Reckingen by Camponovo Baumgartner Architekten | via

The onehundred year old Casa C is located in the village center of Reckingen, vis-à-vis the church. The barn consists of two units. Each of them comprehends a barn in the basement and a space fort he hay on the floor above.

Due to new animal protection laws, the owner had to close down the barn. A new construction instead of the old building was not possible because it is part of the ancient village center and a protected monument. Therefore the task was to convert the barn whitout destroing its outer facade.

The new weekend house was conceived as a building inside the hay spaces. The inner facade detaches twice from the outer shell. Thus, two non-heated alcoves are developped, one in each hay space. The old wood-structure and the haystack can be seen there.

The holiday unit itself consists of a ondulating living space with different places to stay. The historic wall in the middle oft he house is cut-off twice. A spiral parcours over two floors arises. Along this path, the space widens to a living room, a dining room, a library and a working place. and offers great views tot he mountains. The sleeping rooms are joint as baies and niches to the living space. The doors and the cupboards are integrated into the walls.

The construction consists entirely of wood. The floor is made of native larch , the walls and ceillings are made of qualititive birch inlay. The roof is newly covered with larch shingles. All the surfaces are untreted and exposed to natural deterioration.

Photography: José Hevia

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Mar 20 '14

items to take with you 


items to take with you